Friday, January 15, 2010

Summary of Aid Response to Haitian Earth Quake 1.14.10

Summary of Aid Response to Haitian Earth Quake 1.14.10
MSF has already delivered 25 ton of medical supplies to Haiti from a MSF base in Panama. More aid is waiting to be deployed, but damage to the airport has made delivering aid difficult. An inflatable hospital is among the aid that has yet to be delivered. This inflatable hospital contains 2 much needed operating theaters and a sterile environment to treat patients. Aid is expected to be delivered in the next 24 hrs.
So far they have been able to set up 4 hospital tents outside the buildings they were previously working in, and they have already began treating patients. They estimate over 1000 so far. They have also been able to use an operating theater in the Cite Soleil district. Staff members continue to search for intact medical structure.
Red Cross
Red Cross committed $10 million in aid. They have shipped blood and blood products to Guantanamo Bay for Haitian evacuees. The ICRC has also sent a plane of supplies (mostly medical) and staff, which are expected to arrive soon. Among the staff there are engineers, a surgeon and family linking specialist.

Partners in Health
The Cange Hospital site, a 2 hours drive from Port-au-Prince, is at full capacity. They have admitted 70 patients, 20 who need orthopedic surgery. They are using a nearby church for a triage center and a school for over flow. Other members of their staff are making their way to Port-au -Prince
There is a very informative interview with Ophelia Dahl, cofounder of PIH.

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